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Ironman? How about IRONWOMAN!!!

Here’s a brief history of the Ironman Race. It began during an awards ceremony for a running race in Hawaii, where a debate began about who was the fittest. Was it swimmers, runners or cyclists?? One of the participants Navy Commander John Collins proposed combining three local individual endurance races into one “event” to settle […]

Enhancing your G-Spot? by Dr. Aker

G Spot Enhancement is the injection of soft tissue fillers such as Restylane in to the “G-spot”. The G-spot or Grafenburg spot is a region in the front of the inside of the vagina which is theorized to be involved in orgasm. This concept has been very controversial, and the enhancement of this area is […]

OK Here we go again!!!

I started doing triathlons (a race where you swim, bike and then run) in 2004 to motivate myself to exercise regularly. Prior to then exercise was sporadic at best, and my weight slowly increased. I found that signing up for races scared me into training, and it became a cycle once I completed my first […]

Is Labiaplasty For You? by Dr. Aker

Many body features are freely discussed amongst friends, and even in the entertainment industry. Most women, however feel very uncomfortable discussing concerns regarding the appearance of their genitals. Although there are no definitive aesthetic ideals, “labia minora hypertrophy” is the medical description for protuberant labial tissue that projects beyond the labia majora. The labia minora […]

Aker’s Ironman Blog – Coming Soon

Please check back soon to follow Dr. John Aker as he trains for his upcoming Ironman competition.

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