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Benefits of Combination Plastic Surgery

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Benefits of Combination Plastic Surgery

It is not unusual to combine two or more procedures during one planned operation. Most commonly the combined procedures are addressing the same area of concern, for example a breast enlargement with a breast lift. The second most frequent combination takes care of concerns within the same body region, for example a tummy tuck with liposuction of the flanks.

There are many benefits to combining procedures, you save both time and money. For any operation there is time before and after the procedure during which your surgeon is not actually operating. This time is for the nursing staff to prepare the equipment and supplies needed to care for you, and for the anesthesiologist to drift you off to sleep and to wake you when we have finished. By combining several procedures operating room time is saved. This reduces the facility, anesthesiology, and surgery fees. Since you only have to recover from one surgery, both you and your support crew save time. There is less time off work, time away from social activities, and time away from exercising.

Occasionally, it is not possible to accomplish as much as you would like during one surgery. We understand your disappointment, but your safety during the procedures and your ability to recover from them, is our first priority.