Extended Tummy Tuck FAQ's Carmel

Question: Since the incision will be going all the way around with an extended tummy tuck, will my upper thigh skin and back skin get tightened as well?

Answer:The upper thigh and back skin do appear to benefit, although the amount varies with each patient.


Question:What steps can I take to reduce the risk of blood clots following extended abdominoplasty surgery?

Answer:During surgery we use special leg compression devices to help prevent this process called deep venous thrombosis. After surgery anticoagulant medicines (eg. Heparin, Lovenox, or Arixtra) may be used also . The most important thing you can do is to maintain activity levels and avoid any cigarette smoking ornicotine products.


Question:How do I decide between having a standard tummy tuck or an extended tummy tuck?

Answer:The difference is about the “love handle”, hip and buttock area. An extended tummy tuck helps these areas too,while a standard tummy tuck does not. So, your choice would be based on the problem areas you’d like to address with this cosmetic surgery.


Question:Will there be a lot of swelling following my surgery?

Answer:While there is some swelling down low near the pubic area, it is still a wonderfulimprovement compared to before surgery. Some swelling could last up to 9 months, although most leaves by 4 months.


Question:I’m a smoker. Will this cause any problems with my tummy tummy tuck surgery?

Answer:Smoking inhibits skin circulation and wound healing. It also makes anesthesia more risky. We will be glad to help you quit smoking before surgery. You must stop nicotine 8 weeks prior to surgery.


Question:Is extended tummy tuck surgery safe?

Answer:Yes. It is as safe as standard tummy tuck or other elective cosmetic surgery procedures.


Question:What is the recovery time for someone who has had an extended abdominoplasty?

Answer:In terms of pain you will notice significant relief within days. In terms of being able to exercise, you will want to wait at least 2-weeks before resuming light exercises. In terms of scar maturation, you will see steady improvement month by month.


Question:Will my scar be noticeable?

Answer:Any scar is permanent but fade gradually over the next 6 months to a year.Scars following extended tummy tuck surgery areusually placed in an area where they can be hidden under clothing.


Question:Will an extended tummy tuck change my posture?

Answer:Because of the muscle tightening involved in extended tummy tuck surgery, you may see improvement in your posture.Tightening the tummy muscles frequently reduces the hip tilt to a more normal position, and by default, improves one´s posture.


Question:How long does extended tummy tuck surgery last?

Answer:It lasts the rest of your life if you care for yourself and maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight.


Question:How many extended abdominoplasty procedures has The Plastic Surgery Group done?

Answer:Upwards of 325 in the past8 years.


Question:Are all of the surgeons at The Plastic Surgery Group Board Certified?

Answer:Yes, Dr. Sando and Dr. Aker are certified by The American Board of Plastic Surgery.