Procedure Information: Extended Tummy Tuck Carmel

An extended abdominoplasty is a plastic surgery technique commonly referred to as extended tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty with flankplasty. During an extended abdominoplasty, skin and tummy fat are removed from the mid and lower abdomen in addition to simultaneously removing tissue from the lower sides and back to refine the waistline. Next, as with a tummy tuck, upper abdominal skin is pulled downward and the muscular wall is repaired by pulling the abdominal muscles tightly back together. As the windowshade of upper skin is pulled taut downward, a new opening is created for the navel, which has been preserved thoughout this procedure.

Often times, it is necessary to place drains in the wall space which will stay in place in the early recovery period. Recently, however, our surgeons have perfected a new technique that doesn’t require drains at all. Whether or not you are a candidate for our “drainless” extended abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) will be decided by the physician on an individual basis.

Is extended tummy tuck surgery right for you? Well, ultimately, only you can decide that. However, there are some factors that might help our plastic surgeons decide if extended tummy tuck surgery, orextended abdominoplasty, is a safe choice for you. Most of this information will be discussed during your initial consultation with us. It is important for you to be in general good health, be within 20 pounds of your target weight and be completely free of nicotine products. If you are a smoker, we can discuss helpful tips to “kick the habit,” but we cannot consider you a candidate for this surgery if you test positive for nicotine prior to your date of surgery.

Extended tummy tuck recovery is also something you will want to consider when making your decision. A 23-hour hospital stay following surgery should be expected. It is unrealistic to plan your return to work any sooner than one week after your tummy tuck surgery. Ideally, you would take two weeks to rest and recover. Because the skin is pulled so tight, your posture will be affected. You will, most likely, walk slightly bent over for 7-10 days, but will notice with each passing day you are able to stand up a bit straighter than the day before. A low grade fever is not uncommon in the first few days after surgery and usually improves with deep breathing excersises. Any drains you might have will be concealed under your clothes and will be removed in our office 1-2 weeks after surgery. Be patient, as you will experience daily improvement. After many years of performing this procedure we know that each person recovers slightly differently and at different rates of speed. We are committed to treating each patient as an individual and will discuss those indivdual concerns regarding your recovery during your consultation.

Great news! Extended tummy tuck surgery, or extended abdominoplasty, results usually last for years as long as your weight is stable!

My Plastic Surgery Group has performed hundreds of extended tummy tucks. We invite and encourage you to view our before and after photos.

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