Mini Tummy Tuck FAQ's Carmel

Question: I need to lose 15-20 lbs. to be at my target weight. Should I wait to have my mini tummy tuck?

Answer: Any elective operation is both safer and more effective the closer one is to their ideal weight.


Question: How big will my scar be?

Answer: The scar for a mini tummy tuck varies in its extent between hip bones, but shorter than the scar of a standard tummy tuck. This will be determined at your consultation. The scar will be placed low, just at the top of the pubic hairline.


Question: I would like to have another baby someday. Will that ruin my mini tummy tuck results?

Answer: There is a possibility that pregnancy can re-create excess skin and cause loosening of the muscles.Unfortunately, this is an unpredictable occurrence.


Question: I have “love handles”. Will a mini tummy tuck remove those?

Answer: A mini tummy tuck procedure does not affect the “love handle” area. However, there are other procedures that can be recommended for treatment, for example: liposuction or extended tummy tuck.


Question: Will I need to take narcotics for the pain after this cosmetic procedure?

Answer: A mini tummy tuck typically is less painful than standard tummy tuck. The one variable which really sets the pain level is wall tightening. If significant muscle tightening is done, a few days of narcotics can be helpful.


Question: How soon will I be able to bathe or take a shower following my mini tummy tuck surgery?

Answer: Showering is fine the day after surgery.