Breast Augmentation FAQs

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Breast Augmentation FAQs

Is it possible to combine breast augmentation with other procedures?

Absolutely. Depending on absence of significant medical problems breast augmentation surgery is frequently combined with tummy tuck surgery or a breast lift surgery for a “mommy makeover”.

How soon will I be able to return to work?

For less physical job requirements, 3-5 days, and for more physical job requirements, 5-7 days.

Do saline implants last longer than gel implants?

Failure rate over time is about the same.

Will my breast implants interfere with a mammogram?

It has never been shown that having implants delays the diagnosis of breast cancer. However, a mammographer can lose the ability to see a small amount of breast tissue more often when the implant is on top of the muscle. It may require additional views to be taken.

Could I lose nipple sensation after my breast augmentation?

It is very unlikely to permanently lose sensation. It is common to have temporary increased or decreased sensation.

Will my scars be noticeable after my surgery?

If the endoscopic technique is used, there will be no scar on the breast at all. Over time, the armpit scar fades and is typically not very noticeable. With standard breast augmentation, there would be scars visible on the breast but these would fade over time.

If I gain weight, will my implants look different?

This varies from woman to woman. Some have significant change in breast size with weight fluctuations while others have very little change.

Can I breast feed after I have breast augmentation surgery?

Yes, it is safe to breast feed. Having surgery does not prevent or reduce the ability to breast feed. However, if you’ve never nursed before surgery, we are unable to know if you are biologically endowed to breast feed.

I’ve heard my implants might “settle”. What does that mean?

Shortly after surgery, the implants tend to “ride high” due to spasm of the muscle. Over the weeks following surgery, the muscle and breast tissue relax allowing the implant to descend into a more natural position. This process is called “settling”.

What is “rippling”?

It is common to feel a slight “crinkly” sensation along the breast fold where the implant comes closest to the surface. In very slender women there may be visible wrinkling on the skin surface, more commonly observed with saline than with gel implants, and variable in location.

Do you only perform breast augmentations on people in Indiana?

Actually we frequently have patients come see us from our sister states of Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and Michigan as well as states that are further away.

I have saggy boobs. Will breast augmentation fix that?

Limited breast sagging is frequently corrected by breast augmentation. A breast lift may be required for greater degrees of sagging.

Does it matter if I have a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon do my implants?

A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has completed 6-7 or more years of surgical training after medical school. This is one of the longest and most rigorous training programs of any medical or surgical specialty. Board Certification ensures patients that the training is of the highest quality.

What is the most common problem I might have after breast augmentation surgery?

Common short term problems include temporary changes in nipple sensation. A very temporary tight sensation in the armpit sometimes occurs when the endoscopic technique is performed. The most common long-term problem is failure, or rupture, of the implant with an average device lifespan ranging from 10-15 years. This occurrence is not in any way painful or harmful to a woman´s health.

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