Procedure Information: Breast Reduction

Breast reduction, also known as mammoplasty, is an outpatient procedure to remove breast skin, glandular tissue and breast fat through surgical incisions on the breast. The incisions circle the areola and proceed vertically down the lower breast crease and horizontally along the fold. Once the incisions are made, breast tissue is reduced, shaped and lifted, and the nipple is repositioned. The scars of breast reduction surgery are permanent and visible, but will fade significantly over time. Your result is a much lighter, raised, smaller breast.

Most commonly those patients who have chosen to have breast reduction surgery have experienced painful symptoms such as upper back, neck and shoulder pain for years due to their large breasts. Some have bra strap grooving as well as postural changes and rashes beneath the folds. Other than those problems, you should be in good general health before considering breast reduction surgery.

After surgery, you will awaken with a bra already in place. You may or may not have drains. If you do, it should only be for a day or two. There is slight discomfort involved with a breast reduction, however we put no activity restrictions on our patients following this surgery. It is safe to shower the day after surgery. These topics, as well as many others, will be discussed with you during your personal consultation with the plastic surgeon.

We invite and encourage you to view the before and after breast reduction pictures on this website.