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Breast Reduction: Why Less Can Be More

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Breast Reduction: Why Less Can Be More

Bigger is better is what you often hear when it comes to breast size. However, the nearly 1 million women nationwide with extremely large breasts will disagree and with good reason.

When your breasts weigh too much for your body, they can cause a host of problems- back pain, neck pain, rashes beneath the skin folds, grooves in the shoulders from the bra straps, and even numbness of the hands. They have also been implicated in migraine headaches, known to cause shortness of breath (when lying recumbent in bed), and can prevent you from doing everything from aerobic exercise to picking up children to sitting at a desk. It can change the style of clothes you feel comfortable wearing and even affect self-esteem and intimate relationships.

Breast reduction surgery can be performed in a variety of different ways, but all techniques have the same goal: removal of a pound or more of tissue and fat cells from each breast, and then cutting away the resulting excess skin. Most women experience surprisingly mild discomfort for only several days after surgery, and most go back to work within a week. Breast reduction patients usually experience a significant improvement in quality of life, making this surgery one of wisest of health decisions.