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Dramatic Results under Local?

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Dramatic Results under Local?

We are all searching for something that costs very little but does a lot, or a very low risk investment that always pays off, makes us wealthy. Something for nothing. It doesn’t work that way, though.

Plastic surgery is usually like the rest of our world. Small procedures usually yield small results. The larger procedures usually yield more dramatic results.

There is one procedure done in the office under local anesthesia that appears to defy the standard rule. For such a small operation, the results are often dramatic. Upper lid blepharoplasty is the removal of the excess upper eyelid skin. That extra piece of skin is what makes people look old, tired.

In about one hour the procedure is done, the eyes look around ten years younger. There is no dressing or bandage. Showering or bathing can be immediate. The suture is an invisible hem-type that runs under the skin and is easily slipped out at the time of the first post-op visit a few days later.

If you want to defy the rules, look younger and avoid spending a fortune, upper blepharoplasty may be for you.