Rhinoplasty FAQs

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Rhinoplasty FAQs

I just want subtle changes in the shape of my nose, nothing drastic. Is that possible?

Yes. We will spend most of the time during your consultation discussing your goals and the techniques that may be used to accomplish them. More often than not, subtle changes produce a more preferred and refreshed appearance.

If the way my nose looks is different, will it make my whole face look different?

The main goal of rhinoplasty surgery is to make your nose more balanced with your other facial features. You will still look like you. Friends and family may not be able to figure out what is different, but will recognize that you look better.

What are the dangers and risks of rhinoplasty surgery?

Any surgery carries a small risk related to anesthesia, a small risk of excessive bleeding, and a tiny risk of wound infection. The most common risk in rhinoplasty surgery is change in nasal air flow. This risk will be addressed in detail during your initial consultation with the plastic surgeon.

Will I have black eyes?

You are more likely to have bruising if a more aggressive surgery requiring cutting of the bones is necessary.

I'm afraid my sinus problems are going to get worse if I have a nose job. Is that a possibility?

It is unlikely that sinus conditions will get worse. However, this surgery may reduce airflow through the nose. This does not impact the risk of sinusitis or sinus infection.

Why do some people have chin augmentation surgery at the same time as their rhinoplasty surgery?

A weak, underprojecting chin shape increases the illusion of a prominent nose.

What if I get a cold after this cosmetic procedure? Will I be able to blow my nose?

We recommend that for the first week, you try not to blow your nose.

I snore a lot, will nose surgery help?

Rhinoplasty does not help snoring.

Your procedure will be performed in Dr. Aker‘s surgery center located in Carmel, IN.

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