I thought it was time for a man-to-man talk. Of course, I’m happy to chat about the Colts or the Pacers anytime, and yes, those sports use animal hides (eg. pigskin). How about our own “guy” skin?

Believe it or not, human skin is classified as an organ system of the body, responsible for physical protection from the elements or tiny invaders (like bacteria), temperature control, and exchange of fluids with our environment. Like it or not, it is the organ system “on display,” which may affect our interactions with each other. As a physician I examine a person’s skin to tell me about their overall health – pallor in anemia, yellow jaundice of liver disease, orange if too many carrots are eaten (no joking, called carotenitis), splotchy bruises if bone marrow or platelet or liver problems, ulcers and rashes from a wide variety of nutritional, immune, toxic, or infectious causes. In short, skin health is important! As we work at staying fit, a few minutes daily care of one’s skin keeps the skin “fit.”

For starters, how do we men do in the skin health department? Not surprisingly, skin care is rarely very high on our priority lists. Cleansing and shaving just about does it.

Male skin is thicker, oilier, with larger pores, than women’s skin, and of course has a different distribution of hair growth. My Plastic Surgery Group approaches the male skin with these differences in mind. For example, I have used for the past year a morning skin system at home called Obagi-C which has specially formulated agents to help fade out the sun (or as my wife calls them “old man”) spots and produce brighter, cleaner, more even complexion. Gale Williams, our very talented and knowledgeable aesthetician, evaluates and customizes a skin care program suited specifically for a patient’s particular skin needs:

  1. Black Tie Gentleman’s Peel (to help reduce the tendency toward ingrown hairs, to reduce inflammation and bacterial presence, to cleanse, clarify, and smoothe the skin.
  2. Back “Facial” (deep cleansing, exfoliating, moisturization for the back)
  3. Waxing of chest and back
  4. Laser hair removal (back, chest, neck, beard, ears, nose)

Let us at My Plastic surgery Group help lead you toward healthier, more youthful skin appearance. And don’t forget to root for the Colts and Pacers………….Dr. Bill Sando