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Hi-Lipo….Bye, fat

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Hi-Lipo….Bye, fat

The only plastic surgery practice in Indiana to offer i-Lipo.

Hi-Lipo….Bye, fat

Dear Patient,

Our i-Lipo device is a totally new approach to fat removal. Unlike surgery there is no cutting, no pain, no swelling, no scar, and no “down” time. Unlike other “non-invasive” approaches results are immediate. Unlike other treatments special dieting is not needed, nor desirable, provided your weight has been stable. i-Lipo is designed to remove up to 10% of the body fat in a given target area by mobilizing the fat, allowing one to “burn it off” as 360-400 calories per treatment session in a twice per week, 4-week series.

While strict or starvation dieting is not recommended during your i-Lipo series, we hope that the amazing benefits will inspire you to start a new life chapter in healthy choices, i.e. better decision-making in your food and activity choices. For example, we should avoid refined sugars and starches (white foods) as our energy sources. Whole grains and fruits work better. Proteins and plant fats are healthy for us if balanced with a mixture of green leafy vegetables. Three times weekly vigorous or daily less-than-vigorous exercise benefits muscle, bone, and joints. Regular exercise also helps to prevent many of the degenerative brain diseases.

What is the mechanism for i-Lipo? Its panel of many little diode lasers placed on the skin direct laser beams down into the underlying fat and within the individual fat cells the energy directs the cells to break down the solid fat into liquid free fatty acids which then slip out of the cells (cells are not killed) into the bloodstream where they become available to be burned up as fuel. Immediate exercise accomplishes this. We have state-of-the art exercise room with treadmill and elliptical for your convenience. Voila! Fat is gone! No pain, no redness, no down time! We won’t say no sweat, because we want sweat to burn up this fat..…….toward SUCCESS FOR YOU!!! We expect you to be so pleased that you will want to spread the greeting, “Hi-Lipo!” to your friends as together we say “Bye,” to fat!