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Is Sagging Upper-Arm Skin Giving You the Bat Wing Look?

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Is Sagging Upper-Arm Skin Giving You the Bat Wing Look?

Beautiful woman enjoying sun on the beachThe appearance of your upper arms is particularly sensitive to the effects of aging and rapid changes in weight. Some people may notice that their upper-arm skin has begun to sag downward. They may also notice the presence of excess pockets of fat that give the skin an uneven appearance and add more weight to the already-sagging upper-arm skin. If the problem is severe, the upper arms may take on the “bat wing” look.

The arm lift procedure can provide your upper arms with the comprehensive rejuvenation they need. During the procedure, an incision is made along the inside of the arm to allow for the excision of excess tissue. The remaining arm skin is tightly pulled over the upper arms to create a toned and fit look.

Once you have fully healed, your arms will have a sleek appearance with a noticeable improvement in muscle definition.

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