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Learning More About Rhinoplasty Surgery

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Learning More About Rhinoplasty Surgery

Portrait of a fresh and lovely womanRhinoplasty or nose job, a common plastic surgery, to correct problems in your nose. This procedure can narrow your nostrils, reshape the tip, straighten the bridge, and change the angle or size.

You can treat breathing problems and repair your nose after suffering from an injury. The cosmetic surgeon will use general or local anesthesia to perform this procedure. By making incisions in or between your nostrils, the doctor will perform the necessary corrections.

On average, it will take an hour or two for the cosmetic surgeon to perform this procedure. Although the doctor will make minute changes to your nose, the difference will be significant.

After the rhinoplasty, you should be back on your feet within a week. You can perform intense activities after two to four weeks, depending on your rate of recovery. Want to know whether you are a good candidate for rhinoplasty surgery? Contact a cosmetic surgeon for consultation today!