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Love those lips!

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Love those lips!

It is winter. Moisturize and protect! There are lots of lip balms out there with SPF ratings of 18 or greater. Please use them.

For fuller lips, we can help you by using Juvéderm, Restylane, or other fillers. A subtle approach is best starting with the white roll, that little ridge between the red and white portions of your lips. Often, that is all that it is necessary. We let you use a mirror during the treatment to help guide us to the look you want, adding tiny amounts of filler until we both see that it is right.

Cute little short upper lips can be obtained by doing a lip lift! Under local anesthesia in our office, we remove a tiny bit of upper lip skin just below the nostrils, lift the lip, and leave the scar inside your nose!

Finally, make a balm out of oil of peppermint or clove and add a small amount of powdered cinnamon. Keep it in your purse as a kissing pre-treatment. Tell no one!