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“Muffin Top” – with or without “The Pooch”

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“Muffin Top” – with or without “The Pooch”

“Muffin top” enjoys a post in Wikipedia (plus photos) defined as tummy tissue which runneth over the waistlines of clothing which either is too tight or is trying to corral excess fat, suggesting a muffin overflowing the edge of its paper casing. Any elastic band will create at least a “mini-me muffin” even among the skinniest people. Nonetheless this entity visually suggests an excess of fat swaddled in lax skin. What to do? There are choices, based on how severe the appearance. If very mild, then one might simply avoid “squeezing the Charmin” and steer to a gentler waistband. Non-surgical approaches can include fat reduction such as i-Lipo laser with targeted in-office exercise to melt the fat coupled with radiofrequency Venus Freeze treatments to tighten the skin. Surgical approaches are either awake or asleep (local or general anesthetics) removal of fat-only by tiny incisions of liposuction, or combined fat/skin removal through direct surgical removal with concealed although longer incisions. This last approach also can tighten the skin of the outer thigh.

What about “the pooch”? This term, not defined in this context in Wikipedia, refers specifically to patients with lower tummy front bulging. Yes, this may signal excess fat/lax skin, but often is not due to fat, but simply the “collateral damage” of prior pregnancy or obesity as simply the thinned, stretched muscle-fascia wall. The treatment if there is excess fat is the same choice as in muffin therapy, but if due to wall laxities, then surgery through a short (mini) or long (standard) tummy tuck hidden incision is the answer. All these procedures are quite safe and can fit into the time constraints of our busy lives….AND most importantly have a very high chance of hitting your aesthetic goals. Come on in to see us at Aker Aesthetics for a “muffin/pooch check up”! Remember, we all have issues about our appearances, so at My Plastic Surgery we will listen closely, and treat compassionately as together we walk toward your better self.

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