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No Scar On My Breast After Breast Augmentation!

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No Scar On My Breast After Breast Augmentation!

How can you do a breast augmentation without putting a scar on my breast?

In the 80’s, there was a renaissance in plastic surgery of a reconstructive nature. New operations and techniques were invented which benefited patients greatly. This period of innovation and learning led to the next wave, a renaissance of cosmetic surgery. Other factors, of course, contributed to this. Other medical and surgical specialists began using various types of fiber optic scopes and video cameras and created the wave of minimally invasive surgery through small incisions.

Out of this era arose a technique which, because of the learning curve, remains relatively uncommon. An attitude shift is required that the surgeon must accept using an endoscope.

Starting as a novel way to hide the augmentation scar away from the breast, the logic has evolved. The technique produces, in my opinion, better visualization of the tissues by magnifying the surgical field and placing it onto a large video screen for all to see. I believe that I can see better. Just as important to the operation, everyone in the operating room can now follow the progress of the operation. I believe that assistants who can follow the procedure do their jobs much better.

Previously limited to saline implants placed into the pocket then inflated with saline, recent modification allows us to use silicone gel implants if desired by the patient.

I do not believe that any one technique is best for all patients. However, I have come to believe that endoscopic breast augmentation is not only an excellent way to hide the scars of augmentation, but remains an excellent new alternative to obtain much better visualization of the operation.