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Otoplasty – Ear Pinning

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Otoplasty – Ear Pinning

Ears as appendages are extraordinarily useful as we seek to survive and to enjoy our world. We creative humans additionally have assigned other important attributes to them, as display shelves for exotic and not-so-exotic earrings, as anchors for hats and muffs, as objects for playful affections, as storage bins for wanted (ear plugs) and unwanted (wax) items. And, yes, we have through the centuries found them to be prized highly for their positions of aesthetic beauty in the harmony of the face. In other words, we depend on them and we admire them.

In one’s quest for beauty plastic surgeons are asked to beautify ears that patients may deem to be ugly or at least a detraction from an otherwise harmonious face. The most common deformity is the protuberant ear. This congenital condition is one in which the ears face outward and forward from the head. They may have this appearance because of an absence of a backward fold in the upper cartilage (the ear’s rubbery skeleton), termed the antithetical fold, which is next-door-neighbor to the outer rim, OR the excessive depth of the bowl which surrounds the ear canal opening, termed the concha. To correct this problem we are able under an outpatient simple anesthetic to create with special sutures the backward bend in the cartilage and the reduction in the bowl’s depth if needed.

Ideally this procedure is accomplished in childhood, when the cartilage is nice and soft, although it may be done later. The recovery is straightforward, and relatively simple. It is a very safe operation, and patients are extremely pleased with the results. Please call us at Aker Aesthetics to schedule your consultation.