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Our Backsides

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Our Backsides

Butt, bum, tushy, posterior, gluteus maximus, trunk, derriere, keister, or seat. We all have one. Many of us are getting more interested, lately, in improving it. Whether it is our obsession with the JLos and Kardashians of the world or our more laudable goal of fitness, the buttocks have come into their own which rivals the breast in terms of its place on the plastic surgery “wish list.”

But(t), what constitutes a nice backside? Size or shape? Muscular or soft? Our cultural standards change with time. For example, it appears that some fullness in the upper aspect is more popular now than the thin, scalloped buttocks of 10-15 years ago. Soft fleshy buttocks, which were popular in previous generations, have given way to a desire for a firmer result. Finally, a fallen back side, sagging buttocks have probably never been very popular.

How is improvement in this area accomplished? Other countries have made buttock implants available. In many studies, however, the infection and loss rate are close to 50%. In this country, we have found that the body’s own fat provides a much more stable and reliable result. Most of us have some area on our body which we feel may be a suitable donor site for fat. Done under general anesthesia, the donor area undergoes liposuction. The fat is washed and filtered to a small particle size. Loaded in small syringes, small amounts of fat are evenly distributed by injection according to the surgical plan and based on the patient’s preoperative perception of how her shape should be improved.

Sometimes, a lift is desired to reverse the effects of gravity over the years. An incision is made at the top of the buttocks but well beneath the underwear line. The skin and fat are pulled up and the excess removed.

Neither procedure is very painful. Healing is usually fairly rapid. Showering can be done the next day. Sitting is possible as long as an upright posture puts most of the weight on the backs of the thighs and away from the buttocks. Patient satisfaction is high, especially when the goal is a better balance, a normal proportion. The process begins with a consultation with one of our plastic surgeons, and ends with harmony and balance!