Let’s talk about targets. When you sit down with us to discuss your aesthetic goals, we focus on the desired result, then fine focus on the achievable result. In other words, we determine together a target. We perform surgery with this goal in mind. Not only is your starting point important, which we carefully examine with measurements and inspection, but equally important are your health practices after you heal. If you gain weight after you heal, then your results likely will be compromised by the accumulation of extra body fat. Paradoxically, if instead you lose much weight, your skin will be in relative excess as it enshrouds the dimensions of smaller fat compartment, resulting in sagging of the skin. Typically, we recommend that you have stable weight before surgery, so that you and we are confident that you can control your weight afterward. If you intend to lose weight, you should try to be within 15-20 pounds of your goal weight before surgery so that you have a minimal effect on the tightness of your skin after surgery as you “glide into” the last few post-operative pounds of weight loss.