As we look forward toward our national birthday party, July 4th, this weekend, what words come to the fore? Let me prime our pump: independence, individuality, respect, spirit, courage, defiance, perseverance, future, vision, hope, trust, investment. And let’s be historically honest: fear, sacrifice, concern, risk ……. remarkable. These particular words do not appear together very often, hence worthy of fireworks. We are reminded that independence “works” when the individual cares for others in this societal herd, and, just as importantly, the collective group (“society”) respects the privileges and rights of the individual. Our nation has gone from incubator to what seems destined to be a permanent test tube status: the great American experiment stressed and examined now in the digital age in ways previously unimaginable. Thankfully we are also, by grace of our freedoms, under the hopefully permanent microscopic study of a digitally informed public and press, with instantaneous global accessibility and communication.

Where else do we find the above group of words? We hear them whenever an individual decides that the status quo is unacceptable, when what is worthy of investment of effort, time, and resources can be approached and attained by stepping out, forward. Such are the descriptives of our aesthetic patients whom today and every day we applaud and celebrate. They, you, have demonstrated spirited independence, respect for good health, future-looking vision, trust in us caregivers, courage to decide upon an improved self, and an appreciation for wise investment. Call us, and celebrate yourself! And Happy Fourth of July to you and your family!!