Facials Carmel

Hydrating Facial
Approximately 50 min

Enjoy oxygen and hyaluronic acid rich products. Our hydrating facial will dramatically increase overall hydration by significantly reducing transepidermal water loss, leaving the skin smooth and healthy. This facial is appropriate for all skin types in need of intracellular moisture and is available to men and women in the Indianapolis and Carmel areas.

Hydrating Facial: $95


Rejuvenating Facial
Approximately 50 min

The rejuvenating facial can be customized to meet all skin types and needs. This comprehensive, soothing and aromatic facial will effectively boost cell metabolism while leaving the skin bright and rejuvenated.

Rejuvenating facial: $125+


Detox & Deep Pore Treatment
Approximately 50 min

This is an excellent choice for detoxifying all skin types. The active blend of lactic, glycolic and salicylic acids effectively penetrate the pores to dissolve impactions and blackheads. It kills bacteria, reduces inflammation and removes excess cell debris to leave the skin perfectly hydrated. This gentle deep pore cleansing treatment provides strong antibacterial and antioxidant action. It is available for men and women in the Indianapolis and Carmel areas.

Detox & Deep Pore Treatment: $125


Add-on Treatments with any Facial

Add-on Microdermabrasion: $50

Add-on Dermaplane: $40

Add-on Oxygen-Mist: $20

Add-on Customized Chemical Peel
Face, Neck, Chest, or Hands
-Light Peel: $25+
-Mid-Depth Peel: $50+
-Deep Peel: $85+
More information about Chemical Peels


Microdermabrasion Facial
Approximately 50 min

A stream of fine, microscopic crystals is directed over the surface of the skin using a patented hand piece that creates enough vacuum stimulation to increase blood flow to the surface of the skin, helping the reformation of collagen and elastin. Microdermabrasion gives you a smoother, refined look.

Face: $135
Package of 5: $540
Package of 10: $1080


Dermaplane Facial
Approximately 50 min

Face: $125


SkinPen MicroNeedling Facial
Approximately 50 min

Face: $250
Package of 3: $600

Face, Neck, and Décolleté : $450
Package of 3: $1200