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Subtle or Overdone? Makeup is the Clue.

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Subtle or Overdone? Makeup is the Clue.

When most of us see facial cosmetic surgery results that we judge as poor, we are usually looking at overdone: too tight, severe angles and contrasts, even a clown or mask-like face result from efforts which ignore what should be a commonly held standard: subtlety.

Certainly, we all want perfect results, not too much but not too little. The standard answer to that expectation I give in my pre-op discussions is, “Underdone, I can improve by doing a little more. Overdone is much harder to fix, and may simply take a long time to improve.”

A makeup artist our office refers to, Brandy Struble at Whether it was her own face or one of her clients, the results after a makeup session with her was a stunning transformation. However, I could not point to a line or color or surface that appeared as if it had makeup. Everything on the face looked fresh, young, rested, and ready for the day or evening. So how did she do this? Whether or not Brandy would put the same words to it, I believe that she did it by carefully diminishing features that fell outside her standard of beauty and augmenting those features which appeared beautiful from the start. It was elegant but subtle. Most women would agree that overdone makeup is not attractive. A clown comes to mind. Now, with makeup, believe that overdone can be corrected by wiping or erasing and re-doing. That is a much more difficult proposition in plastic surgery.

So Ladies, now you know that well-done makeup is a good model for well-done facial cosmetic surgery. Every face has subtle fashion, every face has features which should be left alone or be accentuated. Only subtlety will allow that to happen.