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“It’s the little things that count,” is an oft-repeated phrase that describes everything from those acts of kindness which may seem small to the giver, great to the receiver, to the details of preparing for a successful journey into space. “The little things” in plastic surgery refers to conscientious attention to details of craftsmanship and safety.

In the practices of the physicians, Dr. Aker of Aker Aesthetics, we prize our reputations for doing the extra, seemingly small, things for our patients which undergird superlative results and patient satisfaction. For example, prior to most procedures we pre-warm patients, not just for comfort, but because of the scientifically-proven reduction in wound infections, and to minimize bleeding. Tummy tucks are works of three-dimensional art and craftsmanship, from careful tailoring of the navel, to ultra-low positioning of the scar, to painstaking placement of special “quilting sutures” to allow avoidance of drains, an approach we use to avoid drains in many of our operations. Breast augmentations can be done through carefully concealed armpit incisions away from the breast, a technique that requires special training and instrumentation. Multi-site procedures can be done in the same surgical event to save our patients valuable work “off” time, by teaming up surgeon partner with partner, and thereby also shortening anesthesia time. Facial rejuvenation patients are evaluated and assisted by a team of skin care specialists. When non-surgical beautification approaches are possible to achieve a result (e.g. fat removal with i-Lipo, skin tightening with Venus Freeze radiofrequency), or non-surgical facial rejuvenation, we plan these alternatives.

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