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Time to get serious!!

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Time to get serious!!

Sorry it has been a while since I have updated this blog. We have been very busy searching for a new practice director. Cristy our beloved manager for the last twelve years had decided to retire, and graciously has stayed with us during the long search and interview process. We are happy to announce Loretta Vestermark is our new practice director. Welcome Loretta!!

Since my last post I have been trying to shed a few more pounds in preparation for the Ironman race July in Lake Placid. It is a very hilly course, so I hope to be able to drop another ten pounds or so before then so I have less weight to haul up all the hills. When I did Ironman Florida in 2007 I weighed 182 pounds, but an Achilles injury in 2009 put me up to 196 pounds. The passage of time sure makes weight loss more difficult. I’ve made it down to 184 so far, and am hoping that sharing my stuggle to lighten up with you will keep me motivated to avoid junk food which is my weakness!

Also over the last three months I have been ramping up my training in preparation for the real training which starts in one week.

I will try to update every couple weeks to let you know the crazy things I am doing to prepare. You can also follow my on twitter at My training log is linked to my twitter account so whenever I do something it will be “tweeted”.

Have a great new year!