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Top 10 Reasons To Choose My Plastic Surgery Group

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Top 10 Reasons To Choose My Plastic Surgery Group

#1: As your plastic surgery group, you will have access to all the physicians, estheticians and other professionals. Our coordinator’s sole task is to provide you with a “go to” person in addition to your doctor who will know you, your hopes and expectations, and be available.

#2: In practice for a quarter of a century, we have the experience to get you to the result you want. Cosmetic plastic surgery does take up-to-date knowledge and surgical skills, but what sets it apart is its requirement for experience; to know when and when not to, if so, how much. This is more art than science.

#3: We are a group. We always have been. No doctor turnover. The 3 physicians often consult with one another about patients. You receive the benefit of 3 minds and 6 hands.

#4: We believe in listening over talking. “Listen to the patient long enough, and you will know what to do” was a lesson from medical school that many practices have forgotten in their quest to comply with a fast-moving managed care world. We take the time to listen, to here, and to listen all over again, if necessary.

#5: We strive for the original definition of a holistic. According to Webster, “Relating to or concerned with wholes or with complete systems rather individual parts.” We are interested in how a patient’s complaint is related to their whole being; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. In this discussion, we and the patient often arrive simultaneously at the right plan for the part or parts, if we have been considering the whole.

#6: “Do not attempt to fix what is not broken.” Truly unnecessary surgery is not defined by an insurance company or government. It is defined by the patient and doctor together. The risk/benefit ratio is very large if the potential benefit is not even visualized. We do not do surgery that we and the patient deem unnecessary.

#7: The “reconstructive ladder” is a concept we used for years in trauma and cancer reconstructive surgery, which prevented us from doing large operations when smaller ones would be equally effective and more safe. Applying this to cosmetic plastic surgery, we try to recommend the simplest, smallest solution that will work. If not, go up 1 rung from there. Do not do a big operation if a little one will do. Do not do a little operation if our estheticians can achieve the result.

#9: Dr. Aker, the eyes of our practice. He is the most innate, right-brained of us, having intuitive notions of form and proportion the rest of us have had to learn from him. He brought endoscopic augmentation mammoplasty (hidden scar breast augmentation) to Indiana and our practice, revolutionizing one of the most commonly done plastic surgery procedures. In addition, he is our athletic director, having completed 7 Ironman competitions.