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Try This at Home! The Bleph Test

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Try This at Home! The Bleph Test

Have you noticed an accumulation of extra skin on your upper eyelids? If so, we have an interesting little experiment for you to try at home. All you will need are a mirror and a q-tip.

Now, you will use the half of the q-tip which is not covered with cotton. (It’s less bulky and works better for this experiment.) Place the little stick horizontally on the excess skin and, with only slight pressure and a twisting motion, roll the excess skin upwards. This exposes your original youthful lid with its beautiful upturned lashes.

Men, you can do this experiment, too, but you might want to watch a woman do it first. They have more experience putting little sticks on their eyelids as they are doing their makeup and have learned how not to poke their eyeballs!

If you did it right, you just gasped as you saw what your eyelids looked like about ten years ago. (Maybe never, some of us seem to be born with excess eyelid skin.)

Here is the really good part; the doctors at Aker Aesthetics are really good at removing this excess skin in the office. A combination of orally administered sedation and expertly placed local anesthesia allows you to have your upper lid blepharoplasty without the expense and hassle of a hospital.

In less than as hour, you will look much better. The results last indefinitely. You will always look younger than if you had not had the blepharoplasty.

Contact us today for what we believe is the most significant little procedure in all of facial cosmetic surgery.