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We Don’t Sit on Our Hands – We Sciton Our Patients!

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We Don’t Sit on Our Hands – We Sciton Our Patients!

We at Aker Aesthetics have realized that our aesthetic patients have diverse skin needs. Often surgery delivers the profound, beautiful changes we desire. However, sometimes the surface quality of the skin, its color, blemishes, unwanted hair, spider or larger vessels demand a broader approach. To that end we initiated an expansion of our skin care services, with a very talented and experienced team of aesthetic and nursing specialists – offering facials, microdermabrasion, micropeels, hair removal, filler and botulinum toxin injections and intense pulsed light care. Not to sit on our hands or to be satisfied, we began several years ago exploring the realm of laser skin care to strengthen and to broaden our care offerings. We have found that the Sciton laser/broad band light system provides the premiere quality of laser/light care.

How do lasers work? First, a brief history lesson: Albert Einstein in 1917 explained the phenomenon of stimulated light emission of radiation. In the 1940’s a team of scientists proposed a microwave version of this concept to help in the communications field. The creation of optical or light-based energy for peaceful use is credited to the 1960 work of Dr. Theodore Maiman using a ruby crystal. Subsequent uses of laser have exploded into the industrial, military, and health fields. We are indebted to these pioneers for our modern Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation (known as the acronym LASER).

The laser device contains an emitting substance which when “excited” or stimulated produces a single beam (wavelength) of light. This light energy beam is modified to be absorbed by specific chemicals in the body which are “in tune” with or which recognize the energy being given. For example, the dark pigment melanin in hair follicles can absorb certain wavelengths of light energy, which then makes the follicle heat up like a tiny charcoal briquette to ‘cook’ the follicle to prevent it from manufacturing hair. The hemoglobin molecule in red cells passing through a capillary vessel will absorb a different wavelength of light energy, cook the slick lining of the vessel to make it sticky so that it collapses onto itself like a soda straw, blocking further flow of red blood cells, thereby erasing the pink color of a spider vein or the bright pink color of a scar.

A related device called intense pulsed light (Sciton Broad Band Light) consists of a quartz vacuum tube with 2 electrodes through which high voltage causes an electrical discharge to ionize Krypton or Xenon resulting in the emission of light which can be filtered so that a family of light energy waves are released. This device has many of the capabilities of the laser in skin care, and is part of our Sciton system. One more therapy in our Sciton family, called Profractional treatment, will project light energy into microscopic channels in a grid pattern so that heated and unheated skin are next-door to each other. The unheated skin acts as a good neighbor to lend a hand speeding up the healing of the adjacent spot of heated skin. This approach is particularly helpful in treating acne scars. As you can see, the Sciton is comprehensive, powerful, …..elegant.

Why would we surgeons provide laser or broad band light care? Surgery is the science and art of controlled trauma and guided healing. Lasers similarly provide carefully controlled heat trauma to cut, coagulate, exfoliate, depilate, or blister the skin. The trained surgeon delivers this “event,” and then guides the healing…..right up our alley in plastic surgery.

Are you a candidate for laser or broad band light therapy? What are your specific concerns: unwanted hair? sun-damaged skin? age spots? color blotchiness? wrinkled skin, spider veins? conspicuous scars? What is your needed time interval for recovery and healing? We can customize the skin treatment for you.

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